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About The Hostel Gdansk Sun and Sea

If you are looking for a prime accommodation spotand yet pay very competitive prices, Hostel Gdansk Sun and Sea is the place foryou. As the name insinuates, there is plenty of sun and sea around here. Youwill be only 3 minutes of walk to the beach. This is something that you do notget in many other accommodation spots. Here is your chance to access the beachand blue water any time you feel like it: day or night.

A safe parking spaceand free Wi-Fi are some of the perks you will enjoy. The rooms will offer you more than comfort. For whatyou are paying to stay here, you would say you are being pampered. The pastelcolors are bright and will make you feel at home once you step into your room.You will have a TV to keep you aware of what is happening around the world.

Ifyou do not want to, you have it all to stay in your room without venturingoutside the hostel to look for fun. There is a wardrobe to take care of yourclothes and any other stuff you want to keep close to you. Bathroom facilitiesare shared and you can easily access them in the corridor. Do not worry about thesharing, everything is kept sparkly clean all day and night. There is a communal kitchenette available to you anytime you want. You can use this opportunity to make your meals and fix drinks.

This is one way you can save on your budget and keep the fun going for the manydays you will be in town. While here you will have access to the sandy beach.And all you have to do is walk there. When you are bored with the sea, there isa sports arena 3km from the hostel. All sorts of sports go down here and youwill fall in love with the crowd’s spirit. When your stay is done, you can askfor a shuttle service to take you to the nearest airport. It is very convenientand comes with a surcharge. This place is your sure bet to the best attractionsin Gdansk.

Being a few minutes away from the beach is unbeatable for thoselooking forward to sun and sand. This is the place for you if you want the bestout of the city without having to break your budget. You will have plenty ofplaces to eat and cheaply rated places to visit. If that does not appeal to youthen I do not know what would.
Last Updated: February 2020.